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Murchison Falls National Park

Experience the sheer strength and power of the Nile River as it gushes through the eight-metre (26-foot) throat of Murchison Falls, tumbling into the chasm below. Marvel at some of the most powerful moving water in the world before setting out on a trail into the depths of the gorge, your ears filled with the roar of the waters and your skin tingling with the spray of the rushing waters. Stop frequently to admire the spectacular views of the main chute as you descend down to the second waterfall, known as the Independence Falls.

The greatest and oldest conservation area in Uganda, the Murchison Falls National Park is named after the mighty Murchison falls where the Nile River is compelled through a contracted crevasse, known as the Devils Cauldron, giving rise to an exquisite rainbow.

Plunging over the remnant rift valley wall, the focal point of the park is the dynamic Murchison Falls. The phenomenal cascade depletes the last of the river’s energy, recreating it into a vast, docile stream that flows quietly across the rift valley floor into Lake Albert. This stunning length of river boasts one of Uganda’s most magnificent wildlife spectacles. Temporary visitors include elephants, giraffes and buffaloes; while hippos, Nile crocodiles and aquatic birds are permanent residents.

Boat Safari in Murchion Falls

Take to the waves on an exciting boating adventure that will delight you with spectacular landscapes and lots of animal life. Marvel at the scenic Fajao Gorge as you travel upstream towards Murchison Falls.

Watch with bated breath as gigantic crocodiles slip beneath the waves and families of hippo grunt and jostle. Alternatively, explore the Victoria Nile Delta, where early morning travellers are greeted with the magical sight of the mists rising over tranquil waters. Keep an eye out for rare birds, including the shoebill and papyrus gonoleks.

Quite sublime, with numerous endemic mammal species to be seen, the Delta boasts Rothschild’s giraffe and elephant, and in the shady afternoon the muddy riverbanks are swamped with attentive elephants. The Red-throated bee-eater a local endemic to Murchison Falls National Park also nests on the riverbank.

Murchison Falls National Park is split into two by the Nile River, the water flows all-year-round surging into Lake Albert and then coursing its way to the South Sudan. This is a magnificent boat safari, where you have a fantastic expanse of wildlife both lining the riverbanks, and immersed in the water near the shore.

Keep your camera handy to snap the spectacular wildlife amidst the stunning lush scenery.

Creating Tailor - Made Journeys For Over 10 Years

Creating Tailor - Made Journeys For Over 10 Years

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