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Wildlife viewing in Uganda is the observation of animals in their native habitats as a recreational activity. If you’re looking for big African wildlife viewing adventures on a not so big budget, look no further than Uganda. The rolling green hills of the Pearl of Africa are filled with incredible wildlife adventures that won’t break the bank.

Uganda’s nickname—The Pearl of Africa—is apropos: The natural wonders there —from the silver back gorillas to golden monkeys to lush untouched forests—feel like a treasure you’ve just uncovered. However, a trip to this peaceful, incredibly friendly East African country (a recent BBC survey named Uganda “the most welcoming country in the world”) isn’t as expensive as fine jewels. Instead, it’s surprisingly affordable, offering bucket list wildlife viewing adventures on a budget.

The country is blessed with four main national parks where visitors on Uganda safari tours can enjoy highly rewarding wildlife drives. Among the national parks include Murchison Falls- Uganda’s largest national park with the world’s powerful waterfall. Queen Elizabeth national park also considered to be Uganda’s number one wildlife safari destination with the adventurous Kazinga channel, far Kidepo Valley National park-Africa’s most beautiful national park and Lake Mburo-compact gem in Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth Park is where adventure travelers will find large numbers of hippos, elephants, buffalos, and lions. There are affordable game drives, walking safaris into the sunken forest of the Kyambura Gorge, and wildlife cruises along the Kazinga Channel, which flows between Lake Edward and Lake George and is home to one of the largest concentrations of hippos in Africa. The park provides a wide range of opportunities for visitors on safari tour to Uganda to encounter the unique wildlife species such as the tree climbing lions in famous Ishasha sector, Buffalos, Crocodiles, and Hippos especially on the shores of Kanzinga channel, among other species.

Franked on north western part of Uganda, Murchison Falls offers great big 5 wildlife viewing safaris if you include Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary on your route. But within the park, you have chance to enjoy the views of all the Big four wildlife i.e. Hippos, Lions, Elephants and Buffaloes. What makes Murchison unique from Queen is the presence of the White Rhinos, Giraffes which are not sighted in Queen Elizabeth National park. However at both parks, you are likely to encounter the elephants, buffaloes, hippos, bushbucks and Uganda kobs.

Wildlife drives at Lake Mburo are very common due the presence of the unique Eland and Zebra wildlife species. These unique species can only be found again in Uganda’s safari destination of Kidepo national park lying in the remote Karamoja region. Strategically located at the valleys of Karamoja, it’s the only park to enjoy the wonderful sights of the world fastest animal species like the cheetahs, kudus, ostriches as well as bat-eared foxes.

Regardless of which safari park you decide to enjoy Wildlife viewing in Uganda, Uganda safari destinations will always offer you that golden opportunity to encounter the world’s exclusive wildlife species.

The mist that spills along the verdant hills and volcanoes of Uganda cloaks the home of one of Africa’s most endangered animals: the silverback gorilla. With about 1000 of these wild mountain gorillas left in the world, a trek to see these human like primates in the wilderness is at the top of many bucket lists. The rare gorilla only live along the border of Rwanda, Uganda, and the politically tumultuous DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) in the Virunga Mountains—a range of now extinct volcanoes—and in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, where thick foliage of trees and bamboos covers the 12,000 foot peak that is home to gorilla habitats

Another bargain in Uganda wildlife viewing is golden chimpanzee trekking. Also an endangered primate (there are only 2,400 in the world), these monkeys live at high elevations in the Virunga Mountains and cannot survive in captivity. A permit to visit the bamboo loving, golden mane monkeys is only $50 in Uganda, half of the Rwanda permit price, and include a ranger led tour up to their location. Expect the hike to take about 4 hours round trip.

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Creating Tailor - Made Journeys For Over 10 Years

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