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Uganda Culture

Not just endowed with out of this world nature and wildlife, Uganda also has an undiscovered, fascinating Uganda culture and community heritage. There are about 4 major kingdoms and well-established chiefdoms found in Uganda with their own different habits and lifestyles.

When visiting Uganda, don’t miss out a chance to explore the real Africa and learn about the wide, fascinating culture of the tribes in Uganda. Visit Kampala for an introduction with some interesting, historical sites. Marvel at the Source of the Nile where Speke discovered the true origin of the river Nile. Follow the green trail to life in the Rwenzori Mountains and explore the culture from the different tribes.

The Batwa People in Bwindi

If you end up in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to track the mountain gorilla, don’t leave without visiting the short people of the forest, the Batwa communities. They used to occupy the forest and now live just outside the national park to give way to the conservation of the Mountain gorillas. These little men and women are fascinating. When visiting, they recreate their days in the forest, how they survived alongside the wild creature hunting and gathering. Then they take you to their homes and the whole journey experience is something to add to your travel memory. Don’t miss it.

Kampala Capital

Kampala is not so big as to be compared with other big cities you have been too, but it’s got its own vibrations that leaves visitors crunching for more of what it’s got to offer. The capital is the country business and administration centre attracting a whooping population of 1.5 million. With such a population comes all kinds of cultures, lifestyles and kinds of people trading, passing through or socialising. Most historical and the best modern sites and architecture are found in Kampala like the museum, the king’s palace, namugongo martyrs shrine and the tallest building in the country. These, you don’t want to miss.


The culture of Uganda is made up of a diverse range of ethnic groups. Lake Kyoga forms the northern boundary for the Bantu-speaking people, who dominate much of East, Central, and Southern Africa. In Uganda, they include the Baganda and several other tribes

In the north, the Lango and the Acholi peoples predominate, who speak Nilotic languages. To the east are the Iteso and Karamojong, who speak a Nilotic language, whereas the Gishu are part of the Bantu and live mainly on the slopes of Mt. Elgon. They speak Lumasaba, which is closely related to the Luhya of Kenya. A few Pygmies live isolated in the rainforests of western Uganda.

Culture everywhere is described by dance and drama as the most components of cultural ceremonies along with songs and this is exactly what you can expect to witness on your cultural trip in Uganda. There are other ceremonies and passage rites like birth rites, marriage, and initiation which are held with high regard in the different cultures and may be different in many ways.

There are several other historical, Archaeological and religious sites that offer a remarkable experience and a deep understanding of the country. Kaara Adventures team possesses great knowledge of the cultural sites in Uganda and will tailor you a great cultural tour in Uganda.

Creating Tailor - Made Journeys For Over 10 Years

Creating Tailor - Made Journeys For Over 10 Years

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