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White water Rafting in Uganda

When on a Uganda trip, there is one adventure thing you should not even question spending money on if you’re that adventure guy. It’s a little costly, but always worth it. With a few extra bucks so that you can bungee, whitewater raft, or quad bike riding. White water rafting in Uganda creates horrible rapids that provide an unforgettable rafting experience equivalent to that of the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe.

If your main adventure is going to be trekking the Bwindi Jungle near the Congo border in the hopes of stumbling across the great silverback gorillas, before or after that amazing trip, head North to the source of the Nile: Jinja.

Go for a Full Day Grade 5 rafting tour option. We have other varieties like half day and less intense rapids. The cost for full day is about US$125 which is very fair, if you allow me to comment. Lunch is included… half a pineapple. Afterward, you have the option to buy a CD with the photos (another 20 bucks optional for spending) and we’ll feed you until you’re stuffed.

Nothing compares to rafting on grade 5’s because you have to do things yourself and it’s all in your own hands. It goes against every instinct in your body to jump of a cliff. With rafting, there is no control. Unless your a pro kayaker, you’re just in a raft with a paddle you barely know how to use- it’s the current that has control, and hopefully your guide!

White water rafting in Uganda is incredible and can last for about 6 hours. We would recommend it anyone and would ask them to do it again. You may also want to try kayaking. Also there’s an ungraded rapid just down the river that you could try if we didn’t tell anyone.

Creating Tailor - Made Journeys For Over 10 Years

Creating Tailor - Made Journeys For Over 10 Years

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